:grin: I love being a techie...This is the 4th year that I have been doing this kind of work. Our L&S booth is where I spend most of my time, if I could I would live in there! If anyone out there has any quotes that you have posted in your booth or just great ideas I would love to hear them. We love to put Techie only things in our booth. I'm always ready to talk I'm new here I am in awe and wonder of how great this place is and I can't wait to be commented on.


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Welcome! There are a few extensive threads on techie sayings and jokes here. Just use the search feature and look around for them. I'll also be putting a link to my PDF'd version of the complete and amended techie bible once I find a good PDF'er besides openoffice (which completely screws up my formatting from MS Word).


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I'l second Soundlight's Welcome. There is a thread on here labeled "Techie Sayings", I believe. It's at about 35 pages, I think. Here's one of my favorites from on here, all ready for the printing.
Now, I did do some re-formatting and a little editing, Some of the wording was off a bit, and some of the syntax wasn't quite up to Biblical snuff. Oh and I changed the name It was published on here as the "Techies Creed" I hate the word techie. I'm a technician. A Theatrical Thechnician.
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Far short of the true techie bible. I'd post it here, but I put it in an obscure font so that people couldn't actually transfer it from my computer, and I've formatted it nicely in that font, so I may print it and then scan it back in as images and use that. That'd work.

The real techie bible & anthology of theatrical religion is rather lengthy, but is always a good read. I'll try to post it soon.

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