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HS Paid Shows

Discussion in 'Education and Career Development' started by photoatdv, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. photoatdv

    photoatdv Active Member

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    This is primerly for the high school students-- but if any pros or teachers know their advice is apperciated too. I understand that most school districts offer (or require) outside groups to hire student techs for their shows. In mine they have the chioce to hire their own professionals or students approved by the district (but they can't use parents, ect.). I am one of the student professionals. There is one particular group that used to hire students until a particular couple of students totally screwed up their show. Next year the professionals they hired screwed up the show again (after attempting to talk several students into helping them-- they couldn't even work the house lights!). From what I've heard they are going with professionals again this year-- show isn't until December. I have been told by that I can meet with them and show them my portfolio on my own. However I fear that even if I do get the show, the Auditorium Manager I've been ranting about will convince them not to hire me or trump up some reason to stop me from doing the show.

    Real question-- since I will be 18 before the show and there are no qualifications require for professionals that they bring in, could I do it for them as a freelance tech(probably for the same rates I'd be paid if I did it through the school)? Is there any reason that the school would stop me? Would there be conflict of interest issues?
  2. Footer

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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    I would say go for it. But remember, if you are brought in to work on the show by them, you are working for them, not the venue. When you are brought in by the venue, you are working for the venue and helping the client. If they are paying you, what they say goes (within reason).

    Try for it, it can't hurt!
  3. ruinexplorer

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    Las Vegas
    I agree with Footer. There should be no reason that the venue would prevent you from working for someone else there, but remember that privaleges that you may have as a student employee for the venue may not be available to you as an outside worker. Also, if the auditorium manager is as much of a pain as you describe, he may give you unnecessary grief while working as an outside employee. Are you prepared to deal with a possible change in attitude when you return to work as normal? Just something to think about.
  4. Smurphy

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    I wish we has these!!! Nobody would pay me (the school did not even know what we really did they just thought stuff happened) Although I volunteered for a group that came in, they were very nice even when I said no they still came back with food for me :). I even worked my own senior banquet. Ah I am not in this for the money but for the work. But to answer your question no I do not think they would have a problem, you should be only affiliated with your client.
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