I love lights that come with a warning


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Ya... that came out awhile ago... and no really knows if they did it for legit reasons or just to show how powerful these things actually are.


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It's funny. With all the lawsuits, it seams we are requiring manufacturers to provide us with "Common Sense" as part of the product package. (McDonalds coffee spill comes to mind.) Ladders now have so many labels on them that I worry I might slip on one as I climb it!

I guess we are past the point of no return on this one, but one problem I see is that with so many labels to read, one might decide not to read any. (overload) Sometimes, a product may exhibit an unusual characteristic that could really make it dangerous in certain applications. In those cases, the important label might get ignored in the sea of other labels. No amount of labels offsets proper training on the product one is using. We are (maybe) trying to fix the wrong end of the problem.

Still, I will have to admit, some of the labeling does bring a smile to my face!

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