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i need help w/ Color Scrollers!

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by U2bpbear24, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. U2bpbear24

    U2bpbear24 Member

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    Chicago, IL
    at my school we currently bought a new light board (Strand 300 series) and new light scrollers. i am a little bit confused on how to control the scrolling color gels from the board... does anyone know how to hook it up so i can scroll from the board? thank you! :D [/code]and I think i have the DMX and the power supply hooked up right.
  2. wolf825

    wolf825 Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    Eastcoast USA
    Hiya, what kind of scrollers do you have? Typically with scrollers the units are numbered by an "address", this is a DMX or binary address that identifies the unit to the control signal being sent. You then PATCH this address into a channel on your console. Usually the range between 0% and 100% on that channel will scroll thru your colors for you. Some scrollers have an external power supply and "repeater" that you run all the scrollers to and plug your DMX control from your console into, other types of units will be daisy chained and singly powered, and may go direct without a repeater--so your DMX from your console goes directly to the scrollers. You may assign a scroller ANY address--but you typically do not want that same number to be an actual DIMMER or moving light that may cause intereference or two things to happen at the same time. You may assign EACH scroller an individual address and patch to one or as many channels as you want, or you may also assigns ALL the scrollers the same address--where they will be controlled by ONE channel. Choice is yours given the type and style of scrollers you have. Note--most scrollers use 4 pin or 3 pin---so you may need to have a DMX 5pin to whatever pin adaptor for the first chain--but most repeaters will be DMX. Follow the wiring chart in the Scroller for its suggested wiring for DMX control if you have to do such a thing.

    Hope this helps ya... Oh--and WELCOME TO CONTROLBOOTH!! We're glad to see you and hope you find this site a fun place you will visit often and contribute your knowledge as well as post your questions.


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