I'm doing lights for our small town beauty pageant this week and I would love to have some ideas from anyone who can offer them. Do keep in mind that I am working with some really ghetto stuff and I only think we have 14 Source Fours, 10 or 15 ellipsoidals, and an abundance of 6" fresnels. Our cyc lights really suck but they work for now we are just mixing RGB to get any desired color. I would like to do some really cool stuff for it but I only have this week to set it all up because the show is on Saturday. Any and all ideas are welcome.
With that many fixtures I whould mainly worry about front and side light. Maybe some top light but you want to make sure the front and sides are well lite. If you have some extra fixtures, then throw in some back light with some color. Also, I whould use an Bastard Amber or a CTB for any light that is going to be hitting people. No color on people.
if there is a cyc or a flat wall in the back shutter down the S4s so they look like lazers. We had them cross to make a checkerboard pattern two on each side except for the bottom where there were none.

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