I salute

Wow......i gotta tell you, you guys just crack me up. I'm coming to find that All tech guys and or girls are the same, we love our jobs, we love to have have and don't take things to serouse till there is a problem or show time. Its great, we are the greates people in the world, laid back, all ways comfortable (when infront of a board with no problems in your system) we have jobs that normal people or the guys that go to school for 8 years for a doctorit can't do, they look at our jobs and see faders and pots and think it can't be that hard. man are they so wrong. we can through words that we learnded from physics books and Ohms law. everytime i go to a show or some sort of theater i always check out the house system, what mics are being used , the house board, speakers, lighting console, spots....everything. To those behind the board I Salute you. :!:
i agree this is a job that is for some1 who LOVES what they do! Because when 98% of us all started out, we mostly did it for free or next to nothing. but we loved it so much , the lack of sleep, pain, sweat, did i mention lack of sleep seemed to be worth it some how. no matter what, a tech will always put up with some old blue hair (old lady) who says its too loud or some guys mother who cant hear his 2000 dollar les paul she just bought him. Its hard sometimes to sit at a concert or play and NOT go check out the console and system, or not start thinking how to make it better or what you would have done differently... the job is an aquired taste and its the best taste of all!!! i have a great respect for any tech... especially the guy behind the board.
i hear that. We are the most sarcastic people with no care whatsoever in the world.. until show time
I used to have that sarcastic attitude (Particularly for that mother of the kid with the Les Paul) But since I knocked it off and started being professional and courteous to everyone (including the Blue Hairs) my business has more than tripled. Kind of nice to have a place like this to vent about it though.
the real trick is learning when and where to be sarcastic, and when to be professional, and learning who you can vent with :) one of the best techs I've worked with, and therefore, one of my closest friends (he started working with me, we started hanging together), well all we did when hanging out early at the job (running sound for a church youth group) was complain :) we'd tell stories about all the crpa we've gone through and basicaly whine about how much some things sucked. But then we could be professional andunsarcastic when needed, so it worked out well. since then he's started working at a real job and for now atleast, he's having to stand in as the manager at some record store, so he can't work with me, but we still tryt o hang.
Being more mature now than i was then and having more restraint and xp in delaing with people it is better to be calm and proffesional, but it does sometimes still get irritating when they start complaing that the piano is too loud. and kinda funny at the same time. (you dont run the piano through the house)
This is a great job. Especially being able to talk to the techs at a concert and being able to understand each other. I got invited to stick around and help mix act two at one performance. Not to sound vain, but it is cool when people ask you questions about what you do, and look up to you. My favorit question, and I think it's someone's sig here: "Do you know what all the buttons do?"

We are laid back at my theater, always sarcastic, all really good friends, but once there's a problem, or the show starts, or where safety is concerned, we're all buisness.

As for venting, that's what the punching bag here is for :D
yes. From both the designers chair, and behind the board i thank you. Techies are really a one of a kind group of people, like i cant imagine me NOT doing tech, it just doesnt make sense. I havent met a single techie who didnt like there job, didnt mind joking around, and was serious and professional when it came to a show. It is a great job.

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