Ice Sculptor?

Robert F Jarvis

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Hi, we are putting "Grumpyt Old Men" on stage. The script is calling for 3 Ice Sculptors of Armadillos in various posses! Tall order I know, but wondering if anyone has done this play. What did they do? Or are there any ideas out there that would help us construct some psuedo ice sculptors. Thanks


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Animals strike curious poses

Dig if you will a printer, alone in a lonely room
Filament extruding by the hour.

or maybe I'm just like my Father ... too bold.



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Find yourself a plastic life size armadillo, use your favorite way to make a mold of him in 3 positions and fill mold with clear epoxy.

What Rigger?

I'm so fly....I Neverland.


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Besides casting, you could consider carving from white foam then coating with Rosco Crystal Gel (maybe a little blue paint mixed in). Not clear as ice, but you get an icy sheen.

Actually, the foam isn't important; you could use above-mentioned plastic armadillos, or whatever, painted white then coated.



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I'm unfamiliar with the show, but im very familiar with Crystal Clear. This is how the ice gets made. Its not the cheapest, so if cost is an issue ive seen some success with manually rotacasting it. LIke , the guy walked around for a couple hours turning the mold around in his hands....

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