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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by DaveySimps, Feb 12, 2009.

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    An In-Ear Monitor system is a wired or wireless system designed to provide a monitor or program audio feed to talent on-stage or on-set. IEMs reduce or eliminate the need for foldback speakers, supply a more even coverage of the performance space, and eliminate monitor feedback. Drawbacks can be a sense of isolation and inability to hear to true stage sound.

    Many performers prefer to go to an audiologist and have a cast of their ear canal taken to facilitate the creation of custom made ear pieces. These custom pieces assure a more comfortable fit, and reduce ambient sound.

    Sometimes colloquially called "ears." The IEM may have the ability to cut-in at the request of a director, thus making it an IFB system. Two upper-end manufacturers are Ultimate Ears and Hear Technologies.

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