Igniting Martin RoboColor 400's


I been renting RoboColor 400's for the past few months. I have found they are a PITA to get them to ignite. I have exchanged a few units, but its always the same routine:

1) turn on dmx board
2) plug robocolors in
3) hear them click, wait for upto 15 minutes
4) adjust dmx levels....nothing
5) get frustrated, unplug robo colors, plug them back in
6) wait another 15 minutes
7) adjust dmx levels...again
its like magic, they come on.

I can't access the RoboColors since they are flown above stage (I have to order the lift 1 week in advance).
I suppose by "ignite" you mean strike? I have had a similar problem with my Mac 250's and 300's, then I realized that one of my electricians had plugged the units into dimmers and parked them at full. This does not replicate a constant power source. The sin curve of the power messed with the electronics and the units would perform eratically (like not striking). Thats the best advice I can give you. I would try giving Martin a call, they are very friendly when it comes to customer service.

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