I'm looking for Ideas on how to mask temporary floor based lighting infrastructure (truss or schedule 40) in high end non event spaces

Hi all, I'm looking for some thoughts on good ways to disguise floor-based temporary lighting structures used in spaces such as expensive homes, museums, and other non purpose built events spaces. We do lighting production in a lot of high end spaces, and we are trying to create a repeatable solution we can use 90% of our events. i have some ideas, but I'd love to hear if anyone has a creative way of doing this. The overriding criteria is hiding the truss or pipe n a way creates a clean professional look.


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Flat pipe bases with offset flanges (centered on one side and also in the corner) with flat weights, drape the pipe and drape the base. Rubber conveyor belt mats underneath to protect floors. Gaff on edges of bases if they will be pushed up against walls and it's in a very critical situation.


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I'd also add that using something besides bright white or black spandex around the truss or pipe is worthwhile. Usually a stretch sleeve that's off-white or off-black, then draped or folded fabric that wraps or hangs to disguise the rigid form of the vertical pipe or truss.
Rosebrand has some good stretch fabrics, some offwhite, sparkle, and with gold or silver marbling. https://www.rosebrand.com/subcategory165/fabric-by-type-stretchable.aspx

It's also tough, but not using black light fixtures. Black works in theatre because everything is black and sometimes for corporate events we hang pipe and drape that's black.
Many permanent locations (hotels, restaurants, retail) have aptly chosen off-white or beige as a good color to paint their lights as it blends in with colors that will probably be on the walls or ceiling. The US most common paint color is Swiss Coffee - off-white enough for white trim to pop. So if you're doing a wedding in someone's home - chances are the cream colored light will be closer to the wall color than black.

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