I recently decided to get the ADJ Wifly RGBW8C Wireless Controller and i was going to use my chauvet lights (slimpar 56's and colorpallete) with the board as a backup in case my laptop doesn't work. I hooked everything up like i did with my other board (ex. light to wifly adapter), but i noticed that the lights don't work correctly when they're in 7 channel mode. They obviously work in 3 channel mode, but my question is, if the board has 2 banks of 4 channels, doesn't that mean that the lights would still work in 7 channel mode?

Also, i can't seem to get the colorpallete out of the 27 channel mode. Is there a way i can change it to the 9 channel mode?
Yes the ADJ Wifly RGBW8C Wireless Controller will control them in 7-channel mode but you can only use the console in fader bank mode, because with the 7 channel mode on the slim pars has a separate intensity parameter that the presets do not take into account.

The colorpallete fixtures can also be controlled but because the controller can only do 8 channels and the DMX protocols do not match they will not react the way you want them too in their extended modes.

Unfortunately, the manual is not that clear and it took me a couple of reads to find the small print about how to do it... DMX channel 1 (mode) needs setting to a value between 60 and 79 (go for 70 as that is in the middle). As the mode channel is always at the base of the DMX channels assigned to the unit - it will always stay the same irrespective of the number of channels programmed. You will find this on page 13 of the manual.

This means that you need to set the base DMX channel for the unit (say 1) and adjust the first fader to give an approximate value of 70 as sent to the unit (or 70/255*100% = 27% if your faders are marked in percent). You MUST leave the first fader configured to this value - otherwise it will change modes (with some confusing results).

To be honest - this is the first time I have seen something this convoluted to change the number of assigned channels to a DMX device. It is usually a menu setting which can't then be inadvertently changed during operation.

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