I'm off to Full Sail


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Well, I know many have slandered the place and rated it as undesirable, I'm going anyways!!! :D So as from July 24th I'm in there. If anyone else is doing this, please let me know, it would be good to find some Controlbooth people around there. Also if anyone is in Orlando, let me know. Thnx
Woo Hoo--best of success and luck to ya. Have a great time, study hard and perhaps when LDI comes to O-town I will make it down.. Keep in touch and let us know how things go!

Yes, I am the hated controlbooth member who goes to Full Sail :) . But I cant talk about it on here so pm me or e-mail me or whatever and see you in July. :)
hated? We don't hate you! You have been a great asset to the site and have helped answer many questions!! I really hope you don't think we hate you!!
Should be alot of advanced and new stuff you can learn from the place Inaki, congrats to the foot in the door and next school.

Dititaltec, nope not hated or anything similar, you got guts man to both stand up for what you think and not walk away from it no matter what others think. That says a lot about you and your school plus you had strong arguements for going. Past debates and thoughts are just that and water under the bridge. Plus your observations and statements are always first rate, dispised nope respected yep.

Next LDI after this one it’s probably reunion time if I don’t decide to take a real vacation this year. Have a hankering for the tea cups anyway.

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