Import Profile on GrandMA on PC


Jan 12, 2018
Kansas, US
So, I'm missing several lights on my GMA on PC software that I need.

I have the files on the console, but it's hard to flip a console in the cab of a truck, so I've always found it easier to work up a few things on PC in advance and copy it over. The problem is that the list on my PC software is woefully outdated and it's getting super irritating to put "stand-in" lights in those spots and then fix it on site.

When I try to add lighting profiles to the PC software, it's like it can't find the file. I tried it both copying the file direct to the C:/ drive and to a USB, still the same problem. It shows the file in the list, but it won't allow me to import it to the PC software. At first I thought it was because it was a zipped file, but even extracted it won't let me.

Has anybody else had this problem? Any help would be appreciated (and knowing me, it's something stupid easy that I'm missing).

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