Importing DXF or DWG into Vectorworks


I've done it before, but now for some reason i can only impport the 2-d part of my autocad drawing, the 3d portion doesnt work anymore . . .

And I promise i have done it before, i jsut dont remember whats going on . . .. btw ACAD 04 to V-works 10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hmm, I can't say for sure. I use VW 11 and have never had to import 3d DWG/DXF files. there is an import IGES (3d only) file option in 11, anyway you could make that happen?

Nothing worked, i think it just may be a bug in copy that i messd up somewhere . . . o well. I just bought VW12 at LDI (very sweet), so i should be getting that soon. For those of you anyway who havn't checked it out, it now does support the haze effect with beams.

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