Impressive new speaker system


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We had the opportunity to play with the new Delta X12 speakers today and were quite impressed both with the fidelity and feature package.


This 12" 2 way speaker is self bi-amped and can operate on up to 10 hours on its' internal batteries. Of course you can also plug it into the wall.

The Delta X12 features 2 UHF wireless receivers each with 100 selectable frequencies, a CD player with anti-shock, 3 channel mixer, EQ, line out and the ability to power a second passive speaker. Also a 6 year warranty.

We will have them in our rental inventory shortly.


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What is the retail on them?


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The CD player and wireless receivers are options which allows you to tailor the cabinet to your specific application.

The basic Delta X12 (without any options installed) has a MAP price of $ 1515.00 with the CD player and two wireless systems installed the MAP price hits $ 2559.00


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Hmm...that company sounds familiar. Now that I think about, they made the old wireless mics in my school's gym. I wasn't disappointed when they replaced them with Sennheisers. Major step up in quality...the Lightspeed mics were plastic, had unreliable battery connections, were non frequency-agile, had bad range, and I don't think they were even diversity. It could have been their low end mics however, but I haven't heard of the brand before.

Based on my experiences with the brand name, I think you should try to listen to them and use them for a while before you make a commitment. But I could be (and most likely am) wrong... :roll:


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They have a 6 year warranty.


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We played with the speaker for several hours in our warehouse and out of doors in the parking lot. I'm very satisfied that it will perform up to specifications. It most certainly is designed for specific applications and for those should do a fine job.

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