Incandescents to disappear


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I'm not going to pull out my Apple Box again, you all know my feelings on this.


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It's not time to panic and it's not time to buy. LED technology is getting higher intensity and cheaper every day. At the same time, now that they have a motivation, the incandescent manufacturers are promising new coatings and filament technology that will have a dramatic increases in efficiency. The day is coming that we will all be using something different but it's still a long way away. My guess is that for most of us it will come in the form of a modification product that fits our existing gear... like the Mag LED upgrade kits. In our field only a fool would try to convince everyone to throw away all their old gear and buy new. Like every other revolution in our industry, it'll be a gradual replacement that takes 40 years to reach the far edges of community and education theater.

Beyond that do some searching as it's been well debated in multiple threads... you probably won't get too many takers on this thread.


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Here's the link to the most recent thread discussing this same topic.

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