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Between Neutrik and Leviton... resetbacks to orders now June/July on stuff ordered months ago. LED tape I have gotten screwed on between the week or months and the "Go" when the tape quoted, to the tape is no longer available. :) or on the reverse... I finally got some tape for a discinued part of a tour concept... Literally sitting on a lot of LED tape that got approved of to buy, than cancelled. One of two tours - one before the Pandemic with paid for tape - digital tape/PSU's/decoders... in a storage building - waiting on the frames to install it on. Unfortunately I probably cancelled my special dyed black 18/5 OEM cable order for the large project.... 350' towers with LED globes... I got the materials in stock now! Thought I had spools of it for the big build... but ran 50' short of all my stock for another project for that project. Perhaps unfortunately I stopped the cable supply in time now hurting me. Luckily I had enough in stock pre-built cables to make it happen for the lastspare cable. Takes a week or two to get my cusom LED cable from the supplier. Cable in general has at not been a problem - this other than ends to put on them... a problem! Much more expensive, but stock available.

CamLoc type Male/Male Turn arounds... I used to buy from Mancuro/Leviton. Seems my account went inactive in not buying much CamLod or even Bates stage from them in the last two years. At this point we are converting Stage to Edison in cable assemblies. Leviton is months behind in both my go' to sources for dealer/vendor discounts. Hubbell and other sources might have them in paying retail. That's a bad thing.

Lockit 1400w Brillinant lamps, from supplier .. we have 28 left and Osram doesn't know for sure when more will be in stock.... I took them and made it thru the immediate needs. After immediate needs.. Been a busy couple of months for me in supplying spares in general. Sometimes shows take too much spares and I get back too much to stock, at other times say yesterday for a world tour... they decided yesterday what fog fluid they wanted amongst many types taken.. No Stock in it for one type. Silence today after in a needed fog fluid they gave one day notice for.... What are they going to do???
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