Inky or birdie lights

I am looking for some inexpensive inky or birdie lights for my home. I don't mind if they're used either. I need links to websites where I can find them. I've google searched for them and even checked eBay but I can never find them. I'm lucky enough to be able to make a run to a lighting co. since I live in Los Angeles if there are any places around here where you think they might have them. It'd be awesome if they already had the edison connector on them as well and the accessories like the gel frames.



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What are you looking to do with them? Might track light style fixtures work. I know several companies make theatre inspired track fixtures. Also, how much are you willing to spend? The birdies should be about $20 a piece, whereas the Inkies will likely be more around $100 a piece. There has to be Birdies somewhere on eBay, and Inkies come up on a regular basis. Also, any DJ type supply website will have Birdies. Have you tried searching "3 Inch Fresnel" and "PAR 16"?


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I bought the ones on ebay and they're pretty awesome :)


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But by the time your done with shipping it might be cheeper from a local supply house. As-well if they are faulty you have some sort of recourse vs. the internet where you have none.



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