Innovason Compact Sy40 Console

I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with this console. I am a student at Wright State University, and we got this console a couple years back. We got a hardware/software update over the summer, and since then, it has just been trouble. Neither Innovason nor Sennheiser (whom we bought it through) has really been able to help us. They keep sending us replacement parts, but it still doesnt seem to be helping.


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What is the problem?

I am not familiar with this board but I have heard of strange things occuring in lighting boards being caused by broken crystals on the boards. If the service tech/supplier haven't already done so, it may be worth changing them.
The problem is that the LED VU meters won't work. There were other problems earlier, but we have fixed them by replacing various things in the board like the DSP and the Master and Slave cards. WE also replaced a few fader banks. So after doing that and replacing a few ribbon cables, it all works except for the VU LEDs. If anyone konws how to fix those, let me know

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