Control/Dimming Innovator 24/48 (aka board from hell) Releasing channels help!


Having trouble releasing channels on this board. I'm not very familiar with the syntax of this board. The channels were put in using channel x at level. I cant turn them off though. Clear works for other functions but not this. Help???


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Never used an Innovator, but presuming it works the same as other move-fade desks of its type:
[Goto Q] or [Goto Cue] [0] [Enter] ([*]) will always take the stage to black
[Goto Q] a non-zero number [Enter] will take you to that cue and will "release" manual channels.

To add a time, [Goto Q] x [Time] y [Enter].
My school actually got this board last month and i just completed my first show with it... to solve your problem you hit [enter] [at] [enter] [clear] this will release all the channels. The channels that are currently being held will turn yellow and when you press clear they will all go back to zero. I hope this helps.
also, for patching while in the patch menu (there is a button that says patch on the keypad) one of the soft keys is clear which will allow you to clear all the channels. I used one to one because it is simple and at that point you know what channel controls which dimmer hope this helps as well.


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Yep, know the Innovator pretty well. Used one for seven years until we were finally able to buy something better (we chose an Express). Clear releases channels. If you want to turn channels off, enter channel [at] [0] [enter], or use the trackball as I will explain.

Basically, when you enter levels, the channel(s) become "selected". You can turn selected channels up or down by moving the trackball. Nice feature if you are fine tuning a look before storing a cue or programming a submaster. That's the one single capability I wish the Express had. The Express has the trackpad, but the trackball was easier to use. Now once you hit clear, those channels are released and are no longer controllable by the trackball. To turn them off, either enter a level of 0 for those channels, or select them with the trackball and [Select] key then hold [Change] and roll the trackball down.

If you want to select all channels, I believe you just press [enter] twice. Then you can roll the trackball down to turn them off.

I have had, on multiple occasions, where channels stay on and can't be adjusted without turning the console off and back on. I'm not talking about parked dimmers, I've actually had channels stay locked on. They display correctly on the screen, showing that they are on, but can't be adjusted. Just one more reason I switched to an Express.

If you have a specific issue that you can't resolve, I can try to fire up our old Innovator and try to work it out. We still have it close by as a backup. Hope this helps!

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