Installing Qlab3 breaks Qlab2 audio?

Jay Ashworth

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I recently had to do a show with video playback for the first time.

I grabbed Qlab3 and put it on my 10.10.5 MacBook Pro, and rented a Basic license, and everything went fine.

But now I find that, back on the Qlab2 Free install on the same machine, even with audio properly patched, while cues play and timers move and everything, no audio comes out.

Anyone ever had that happen before? Pointers?

I can open that made-in-2 cuesheet in 3, and it will play. I might could just run with that, but I don't if the unlicensed version of 3 is missing any features, and more importantly, the Mac Mini I generally drop to run shows on is too old to *run* 3, which will screw up my workflow.

Jay Ashworth

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In a possibly related story, the cue sheet currently in question is a WAV rip of my Sound Check 2 CD, and I note that, both from Qlab3 and other players, the Left/Right check track comes out in mono...

[ As it turns out, there's a knob that forces this in Preferences->Accessibility->Audio, somewhat to my amazement. Dunno why it was on; turned it off; stereo's back. ]
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