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I was wondering if there were any discussions of instrument maintenance. Not like a bench focus, but like what types of upkeep, lekos specifically, require. Are there any parts worth lubricating, and with what? Graphite lube? Is there anything else that can be done for shutters that are toasted? If you have shutters that don't slide easily, can you lube those too? Is there anything worth doing around the lamp socket (base? base holder?)? Cosmetic touchups?

Any other thoughts?


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Lekos are one of those things. I'f they have been well cared for, maintenance is a breeze. However, if they were not treated well, and, in particular, have become rusty and bent out of shape, there is little you can't really do without rehab the entire fixture like ship would do.

Toasted shutters are just that, toast. You can take them out and hammer them flat, but it only does so much.

Do a search, I know we have discussed inspecting lamp bases, lubrication and other things to do. I could type it all up again, but I might actually want to sleep tonight.


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For my inventory, we take about two weeks at the top of every season and clean and fix every instrument. This includes fixing any cable and plug issues (bent pins, loose wiring, new lamp bases, new fibreglass sleeving, etc.), then we clean all the optics. ETC recommends using diluted ammonia to clean their lenses. Every units gets dusted off on the inside and out (our shop makes a mess all the time). Units that need will get a fresh coat of high heat spray paint. Burnt shutters are replaced (you can buy new ones from any dealer). Hard to move shutters get a hit of graphite spray. And we bench all the units.

We do whatever upkeep is needed over the season, but this yearly work ensures that everything starts at the same place.


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Sounds like a great topic for the Wiki.

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