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This question is for anyone who does not have a clear com or other production intercom. What type of headsets do you use with your FRS radios OR telephone intercom. Or what do you use with your desktop phone or cordless/cell phone?

I'm looking for a few to use with my GMRS radios.
For my school we use normal walkie-talkie radio's for most things. We have 3, 2 headsets. However, we can sometimes get a clear-com set donated, so we use that when we can.

I would love to figure out how to hook up a telephone intercom system, but that is low down on my list of to-do's.
I've never heard of southwestern bell. My choices are:
The motorola headsets, panasonic headsets, plantronics headsets, belkin headsets. Thats about all I have seen.
I might as well post this here.

A few weeks ago I was working at a bad community theater with my friend. I was running sound, and she was running lights. The SM was back stage, and we had a walkie-talkie system with headsets for us to get our cues.

It was next to impossible to understand what she said. She would have to repeat what cue she wanted, and we had an impossible time trying to figure out what cue to run, and when.

I would say use a clear com, or telex, or similar system, or (though I have never used one) a telephone intercom. Only if you have no other choices should you use a walkie-talkie system, as they are horrible to work with during a show.
We have no other choices.
This entire rig costs the same as a clear com headset/beltpack.

Not to mention it depends on the headset and the radios. The ones I chose have a vibrating alert, you can disable the annoying roger tone, they have a voice filter.
i did some work for a local tehatre group in a community hall, they had like walkie talkies however they had 5 present channels with a headset attatched and could not be taped into.. kinda weird closed circuit cb radios, had fair range to. apparently they picked them up for 20bucks from dicksmiths (radioshack)
Ahh, i love those radios... not.
i've got about six of them... all broken... Hopefully the gmrs radios will last a bit longer.
yeah theirs wernt in too bad condition.. i like the motorola radios with headsets... mmm lol they are SO expensive though!
The gmrs radios work pretty well. I found a store selling the battery packs for $10 (2 packs + charger)..... THATS A STEAL! I got four of them.
walkie talkies give us the same problem. its made worse because we have the old school type of light board (think super old school, variable resistors with levers and a patchboard) which gives off so much electronic interfereance, and its in a room with a metal cage wall, backstage, and the manager is calling cues from the back of the auditorium.

we used our entire budget for this year on a clearcom system .... finally after like years of worthless walkie talkies.
i have motorola talkabout radio and Headsets, they work well, just only one person can talk. ohh well, i paid 200 for 8 w/ headsets and have held up a beating. So i say they are very worth it.

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