Intercom to Stereo Headphones


Mar 2, 2014
Plainfield, IL
Hello, I have a Telex BP-2002 and am looking to convert the headset out to work with earbuds (like the ones that come with an iPhone). I do not know if this is even possible or, if it is, how to figure out which pins go where and whatnot. So, I figured I'd ask the ControlBooth brain so I don't blow something out.

The pinouts for the two parts are as follows.
Pin 1: Mic Ground
Pin 2: Mic Hot
Pin 3: Speaker Ground
Pin 4: Speaker Hot

Apple Earbuds
Pin 1: Left
Pin 2: Right
Pin 3: Common/Ground
Pin 4: Microphone

Is there anyway to do this? Thanks!


Aug 27, 2015
Tacoma, WA
The headphone part will work fine if you connect TRRS pins 1&2 to XLR4 pin 4, and TRRS pin 3 to XLR4 pin 3. The mic, on the other hand, may have issues, as the preamp in the beltpack is designed specifically for the mics in standard intercom headsets. I've had varying degrees of success hooking up various microphones to intercom packs before. If you want to give it a try, hook up TRRS pin 4 to XLR4 pin 2, and TRRS pin 3 to XLR4 pin 1. You will also have to open the BP-2002 up and switch SW2 from Dynamic to Electret, as the iPhone earbuds use an electret mic. You may also have to move the jumper on JP9 for proper operation.

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