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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by lylebarrere, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. lylebarrere

    lylebarrere Member

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    Hey All,

    My name is Lyle Barrere. I am a lighting and sound tech/designer and a stage manager for several theatres in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    I have to count pretty soon, but I think I a coming up on my 200th show sometime this year....

    I also decided a while ago that if I wanted to play with the toys (moving lights, hazer, etc) I would have to buy them and rent them to the companies I worked with for next to nothing. Starting out with the intention not to make money, but to break even on the toys I bought, I have been very successful. If you are in LA or SF and need a twinspin or something for cheap let me know.

  2. cdub260

    cdub260 CBMod CB Mods

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    Southern California
    Well that's quite the commute.:shock:

    Welcome to the booth. You're a little north of my usual territory, but it's always good to welcome another member from the planet California.

    Have fun in the forums and feel free to jump in on the discussions at any time.

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