Ion xe questions

Mar 6, 2016
BC Canada
I work with cues for plays and musicals but typically I busk off of submasters on our etc Element. Because we have out grown it we have purchased an ETC ion xe. Here's the first of a few reasons I'm regretting my decision. Switching between my channels and submasters was very easy and done entirely without looking on the Element. It is a simple knob. I knew without looking what channels or submasters I was in. On the Ion you have to do 2 things: hold down Fader page and then click the bottom right bump button. If you do this in a rush it doesn't always work. A nightmare for someone who may need to access a certain channel quickly. Anyone know of a solution? ETC says Macros will not work.


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Mar 20, 2004
Brooklyn, NY
Yeah you gotta get a Fader wing to do what you wanna do.
Sounds like he has the XE with the built in wing, just doesn’t like the method of swapping fader pages. I assume he has some pages set as 1:1 channel=submaster, also wants other pages to be just subs, hates the 2 button push.

Only thought I have is add’l wing-wings.

I’ve busked for 10 years on legacy Ion, sometimes use as many as 100 faders on 2-2x20 and 1-1x20 wings. I now use magic sheets on touch screens as much as possible as alternative.
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