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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by NickJones, Jun 9, 2009.

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    The ION is a console manufactured by ETC. It has 2 universes of local DMX, and supports the ETCNet2, ETCNet3, ArtNet, and AVAB UDP output protocols.

    It controls up to:
    10,000 Channels (1024 to 3072 DMX outputs),
    10,000 Cues,
    999 Cue Lists,

    It supports 2 external monitors, both of which can be touchscreens. They can connect via two DVI connectors and/or one VGA connection. Has MIDI, local contact closure inputs, and one relay output. It has 5 USB ports (7 in newer versions) for backing up shows, printing, fader wings, keyboards & mice. The console has both Tracking and Cue2Cue (CueOnly) modes. Tracking is enabled by default.

    ION with 2x20 Fader wing. (Fader wings are not standard)

    More info can be found on the ETC website here or on the EOS Glossary entry.
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