Irony New Lusters and New (used) projectors


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So last fall we got our 10 new Lustr 2 units installed on the FOH. 5 zones now covered with each 2 lustrs and 1 phoenix.. Finally I can BLIND both actors and audience with the dazzling brightness if I saw fit.

Then this winter we did Elf.. and installed a projector for Buddy's journey... Installed another projector this winter so we could stack and get to about 13000 lumens on our cyc for backdrops

I spent 4 hours yesterday tweaking the rep plot to manage spill from the front and top and side lighting.. So here I am with all this lighting horsepower, and my task all spring and summer will be to tone it down and manage it enough for the projections to look good.

That said.. I took stills of the back wall from "Rent" that was hand painted brick.. Took it into Gimp cleaned up, eliminated the moon, and added other free png objects...

I give you "Rent" Becomes ."Monumental Studios the Projection"... Maybe like moving from the silents to the talkies.. it's a learning curve.

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