Is Anyone Using Wharfedale Audio Gear? Is It Any Good?


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I was wondering if anyone is using Wharfedale PA gear: speakers, amplifiers, microphones etc.

If you are what do you think about it?

You can buy their gear here in New Zealand via local internet sites and I was wondering if it is worth looking at.

It looks like another Behringer to me!!
I've used their speakers. We got some for a reasonable price and used them for an install in a bar (english pub type bar). They only had an 8" LF driver, but sounded real nice for the price, and they looked good to boot. Thats the only time I've used them. But if you can get a good price, I'd reccomend at least the speakers.
I have some home cinema wharfdale speakers. i dont know what the pa speakers are like but the home cinema speakers are very good. if the pa speakers were anything like the cinema ones i would buy them.
Likewise - I picked up a pair of 100W bookshelf speakers (6" driver and 2" tweeter) over 10 years ago and they are still working fine. But cannot comment on their products other that that.

Is it possible for you to demo any of their gear or speak to a company that already has?

Do you know if they manufacture their own drivers or are they only fabricating and loading the enclosures?
We used Wharfedale Pro speakers at Shepherd College. They are sturdy as anything, and well designed. I'll post more about them when I can dig out my spec sheets on them! But if you are going to be moving speakers around a lot, I would definitely recommend them!
Thanks for the feedback guys. It sounds like they are not to bad and could be worth giving a go over something like phonic.

Dave it is also good to hear the pa speakers are of a good build quality, also thanks for the Wharfedalepro link..

For the younger members of the board Wharfedale , as far as I know, is an english company started in 1932. I can remember hearing about them in the '70's as being good hifi gear probably up near Denon.

I had been wandering if they still were good quality as sometimes firms can slip. But it sounds like they are worth a try.

Thanks again for the help everyone.

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