Digital Surfaces Issues with Updating Rio Rack Firmware

So I have 2 Rio 3224's and 1 Rio 1608. I recently updated the firmware on my CL5, QL5, and QL1 (the main, sub and Dante firmware). Today I got around to trying to update the Racks and I've literally been fighting this all day. The Firmware itself is updated to 4.10 but the dante firmware won't update via R remote. It's stuck at 3.8 and thats the firmware mismatch problem I'm having. R Remote won't even detect the Current Dante firmware during the analyze step, I get a "Dante Network Setting Failed" and if I try to run the update it just fails. The weirder thing is that I can't get both the Dante Controller and R Remote to detect and interface with the Rio Rack at the same time in the Same IP Network. The R Remote is only working if I do a self Assigned IP and Dante Controller only works if I'm in the range of it's stated IP Address which I'm pretty sure is the issue, because it's Dante controller that operates the Dante drivers on the computer and I need the dante drivers to update the dante firmware of the racks. And I know you HAVE to have Dante Controller to update via the R Remote so I need to get them both working at the same time on the same network line. Has anyone run into this issue before? any help or insight would be much appreciated


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The Rio's have very specific instructions for the flipping of DIP switches to switch between updating Yamaha firmware and Dante firmware. You want to make sure you're following these to the T. If you're doing this correctly, for each and every device as you update you should be setting your computer to a 192.x.x.x range for pushing Yamaha firmware and then you should be flipping back to "Obtain an IP address automatically" to push Dante firmware, which should land you in a 169.x.x.x range.

It sounds like you may be updating while the device is live on the network. I would take the devices offline and hardline directly into each unit one at a time. Also remember that some devices go back to factory default when you push updates so you want to make sure you don't have a daisy-chain setup deployed and the console defaulted to redundant mode when you loaded new firmware. Something like that will take down a Dante network real fast and make it impossible to reliably discover devices via Dante Controller.

You also need Dante Firmware Update Manager installed in order to push firmware to the Dante chipsets. Dante Controller actually plays a very minimal role in the update process.

Correction: Looks like Yamaha's redone their firmware update process to be wrapped into R Remote, which I haven't yet had the displeasure to work with. I would still strip down to a direct connection to each device when you are pushing updates. Push comes to shove, you may need to use the Dante Firmware Update Manager and bypass R Remote altogether for getting your Dante chipsets updating. May also need this if the updates didn't go through and you need to get the chipsets out of failsafe mode.
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