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Just a question in regards to Jands wallmount dimmers - I don't know how big they are outside of Australia, but I know there are a few Australian members on this board - just how good are the Jands dimmers?

Are the PFTD-fired or do they use the cheapie triac system? Are they reliable? Noise?

Any experiences or guidance would be appreciated - I'm all for LSC dimmers however we're getting a new lights system and somebody is trying to sell us Jands dimmers as a better option.

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Their wall mount dimmers come in both triac (HP12WM-TR) and hard fired SCR (HP12WM-SC). Have you looked at the spec sheets for them? All that info is available on their Web Site. Look under Lighting/Dimmers for the product range and under Support/Downloads for manuals and spech sheets etc.

I have used both the Roadpack Digital and the 12HP rack mounted dimmers and both are rock solid work horses. Just about every Big Day Out that I have worked on I have seen Jands dimmers in use.

You can always call the Sydney office and ask to speak to their tech staff (not the sales staff) and talk to them about your concerns.
I have used inhouse rack and wall mount JANDS units in various live music venues around Sydney, never had a problem with them. These units have been located both on and off stage (so some regularly exposed to haze, smoke, beer etc) and had every man and his dog continually changing the patching and or re-programming them, and they still operate fine (well, by my standards anyway).
Are the Jands dimmers noisy units when under load?

Does anybody have any experience with the LSC iPro dimmers?

I have been quoted for the JANDS FP12WM-A dimmer with wall mount kit. Will it control a motor or strobe or fluro etc? I believe not.

What about the Event 416 36/72 board? I have been told it is based on much older technology than say LSC's boards for example.

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Cannot say that I am familiar with that particular dimmer but I have found the Jands dimmers to be quiet. With regards to the Event, that would depend upon what your requirements were. Download the manual and have a look to see if you think it will suit your needs.

The Jands rep that you are dealing with should be able to arrange for a demo of both the Event and the dimmer.

Try not to get hung up on older versus newer technology. I as still using a 70’s technology power amp in preference to some new technology (2000’s) because I prefer the sound it produces given the rest of the equipment we use.

With new technology comes new teething problems and issues. You can bet that I am not getting onto a A380 Airbus until they have been in service for a while.
PhantomD said:
I have been quoted for the JANDS FP12WM-A dimmer with wall mount kit. Will it control a motor or strobe or fluro etc? I believe not.


Regarding strobe, will depend on power consumption of the fixture relative to power output of the dimmer channel. I have tried my Geni Giga on dimmer channel power, rather than separate mains power with 2 x DMX channels, and it regularly tripped the circuit surprise surprise (2.7kW power consumption on 2.4kW channel), anywhere from about 70-80% upwards.

Regards motor, I have had a mirror ball connected to a dimmer channel, changed to a "switch" (rather than fade) and it runs the ball motor fine.

Flouro, I have never tried.

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