Jands ESP II

I'm familiar with the board, but I'm not. We just got ours and I haven't had an opportunity to sit down and play with it much. If you have any advice or tips, let me know! I'd appreciate it.
This is my hook up. I have a Jands ESP II Desk and all hooked up to lights, lighting rig. Have many different lighting sections (large changeovers) and was wondering if there is any program produced to run the desk through a computer.
Anyone got any idea?
Not that easier than programing the board. There are ways to fire it from a computer but you still have to build the cues to be fired.
So you want to build the cues on the ESP II, then fire them off a computer? I used to work with a designer who would hook up a 120-channel desk to the Strand 520 and build his cues that way, for generics at least - the operator would deal with movers and then record each cue into the Strand. To do something like this (which I'm guessing is what you want to do?) you'll need something which has DMX-in capabilities. I'm not particularly familiar with many computer-based desks, so can't really help, but does the ESP not have a basic cue stack ability? I thought it did (though it's been years since I've worked with one).
The first is why do you want to run it from a computor instead of just running the board? I don't know that board but I'm sure there are some here that do. I am simply trying to get to what you are trying to do before it gets too deep.

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