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I recently had a discussion with an LD that came in to one of the stages I work for about the Jands Vista T4 Console. At the time, he was touring with a Hog 2 running a 120K rig and 12 movers. He said he was plenty happy with the Hog, but preferred the Vista T4 above all other consoles.

Never having worked with one, I was intrigued with the idea about a built in tablet as well as the "time line" approach to cueing. I haven't been able to track down any good information about the console on the Jands web site.

What do people think about this console? How do they like the whole "think visually, work visually" approach of the console? Pros/cons? What other consoles would you compare it to and how does it match up?


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Take a look an Lightnetwork. There are some very good reviews of it. From the sound of it, sound like it is where consoles are going.


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I really love it but when i bought my MA i had to decided between a console that i could actualy rent and liked or one that i loved but could never cross rent. The choice was really eassy.


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