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Jands Vista Training @ LDI

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by James Feenstra, Oct 23, 2014.

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    A.C. Lighting and the LDInstitute, are offering two days of Jands Vista training at LDI, with an Introductory session on Wednesday and an Advanced session on Thursday.

    The training sessions will cover all aspects of the Vista v2 software and is geared to all levels and types of users - including designers, programmers and operators.

    Jands Factory Certified Training: Intro Level Jands Vista Training
    Session Number L15

    Session Highlights:
    1. Patching and setting up the Vista's visual interface for your work flow
    2. Creating and updating Group, Position, Color and Beam palettes
    3. Programming conventional and moving lights with the Vista's unique timeline.
    4. Creating and editing dynamic chase effects
    Taught by: Eddie Welsh of Jands

    Advanced Level Jands Vista Training
    Session Number: L16

    Session Highlights:
    1. Refresher and introduction to the latest software build
    2. Creating and manipulating pixel mapped images
    3. Working with media servers and the timeline
    4. Networking multiple consoles and back-up configuration
    Taught by: Eddie Welsh of Jands

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