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The Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at RPI is seeking to fill the Event Technician, Stage Technologies position on the Stage Technologies team. In addition to running events in 4 world-class venues (concert hall, theater, black box, white box,) the Event Technician will also work as an integral member of the lighting team, supporting the lighting needs of avant-garde artistic and research residencies. We specialize in the outside the box, the experimental, and the seemingly-impossible. We look to every team member to be an active collaborator, not just an implementer, so there's plenty of space to stretch your creative muscles and try that ridiculous idea that's been bouncing around in your brain. If the words, "This is a crazy idea, but..." have ever exited your mouth, then EMPAC is the place for you!

Fulltime, benefitted position. Rate is $24-25.55/ hour. Link to apply!


In addition to wildly creative work, we also strive to maintain a workplace that is aggressively supportive of the humans who work here. That means actively seeking training opportunities, encouraging team members to pursuit interests beyond the bounds of their job description, and supporting each individual's work-life harmony. This means majority (though not exclusively) 9-5 M-F hours, killer benefits (on par with NY state benefits) and PTO that we *actually* want you to use.


Feel free to hmu with any questions you might have. I am unapologetically in love with the place I work, the people I work with, and the work we do...that's pretty much it. More links to apply!
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