JOBS: MSG Sphere in Las Vegas is hiring. Especially looking for an expert in media servers.


My brand new, bleeding-edge 17,500 seat venue, the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, has posted its first technical management roles as we spin up our hiring for a Fall 2023 opening.

The MSG Sphere will be an amazing venue, with a 4-acre 16K x 16K immersive video surface, and over 2,000 speakers providing 150,000 channels of immersive audio. And it needs the best people out there to run it. We currently have 4 senior management positions available, key players in bringing this venue to life and hiring the rest of our crew.

Senior Director, Technical Productions
Provide leadership, direction, and management for all departments related to the production of live events, technical event services, and stage management and production

Director Audio Systems
Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the production audio system, and would oversee all in-house mixing, mastering, and recording.
** Note, not mentioned in the job description is that the audio system is based on Holoplot.

Senior Manager, Playback Systems
Responsible for one of the largest media server installations in the world feeding a 160,000 sq. ft. 16K x 16K domed LED media plane.
** Note, reports to me directly. A separate job posting will be coming soon for the Senior Manager of Display Systems, who will maintain the 160,000 sq. ft. LED screen.

Senior Manager Technical Operations
Oversees the operation and maintenance of building AV systems and event technology at MSG Sphere.
** Note, somewhat of a jack of all trades AV position. IPTV is a big part of this role. Will work closely with me.

These senior positions pay well, comfortably over $100k, how much over really depends on experience, with excellent benefits.

The current official website, is somewhat lacking in content, so I encourage you to google "MSG Sphere Las Vegas." It's truly an amazing venue!

Please share!

Thank you,
Michael Sauder
Director Production System - MSG Sphere

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