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Figured I would make my first post here. Stumbled across this forum from a few random Google Searches. I know this forum is geared more toward people behind the scenes in a theater production; which is what I would like to learn more about.

I currently live in New Jersey and have small theater experience, and some small time 'acting' experience, if you could call it that. Just here to learn more about such things and get ideas about how to do things on stage. I'll probably post questions soon the lighting section when I get home later tonight.
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Right now the only volunteer work I do is at my school. I'll add a photo of the small stage(s) we work on/with later tonight, but you can read more about that here:
CommWorks - Students Commited To Performance!
and on my personal site here:
Personal Website of Shahab Shawn Sheikhzadeh

Our 'group' is called CommWorks, and it is essentially students from the Communication Department that put together productions. It seems to me there is little to no budget outside of shirts, and the occasional trip or two. I got involved a while back as a requirement to graduate, and kind of kept with it.

As of late it is the only thing I think about, really. Different sorts of plays, props I would use, stand-up pieces I would perform on my own, and so on.

Regarding community theater, still waiting for someone I know to get back to me if they need help or have any openings. I was thinking about applying for an internship at Two River Theater near me, but they seem to be unable to receive my e-mails. :confused:

Ah well - me in a nutshell. Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

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