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I don't know how many people here are familiar with KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival). The last two years of my undergrad work my college began to participate in it. In that time I noticed that a whole lot of emphasis is put on the actors, which is fine since we as technicians need actors to stay employed.

Any how I was thinking that for this years upcoming festivals in everyone's given region, us lighting pukes should make an effort to get together.

Its important to get to know who else is going to be working out there. I know it seems that at most schools that there is one or two lighting people and that is it. So I think we should make it a point to get to know one another a little bit better.

You know share ideas or just steal them. *wink, wink*

What do you guys think?
Sounds like an idea, we can all meet here at noon on wednesday.
I don't know if the school I will be going to does ACTF or not, but how many of you actually went to the kennedy center, and how did youdo?
What gives! Nobody was here at noon on Wednesday!

I may be confused but the region 5 festival isn't until January. Am I wrong?
Radman said:
Sounds like an idea, we can all meet here at noon on wednesday.

In reference to that.
Oh, well... I won't be in Fargo for some time but, when the festival is happening I am all about meeting up on that wednesday.

Sorry about the misunderstanding, but what where you refrensing?
I was joking about meeting at my house on the wednesday of this week at noon in reference to your idea that us techs should meet up. It wasnt a serious remark.
Well, I feel a bit like an ass then. So there's that...

But in all seriousnees, Anyone out there from Region 5 want to get together come January in Fargo I am all for it. Last year I got to hang out with a couple of other techs (they were form Iowa) and it was nice to be around people not stressing out about the Irene Ryans.

So again I emplore us Lighting peeps to make it a point to get together at KCACTF region 5 this winter. And to those who are not from Region 5, make it a point to get together in your respective regions.

Networking is more than just hanging out. By getting to know each other we are preparing ourselves for the industry. Thats what this forum is about right, making contacts and spreading our knowledge. As far as I know there isn't a Control Booth Convention, so the responsibility is ours to get together at what conventions we do attend.

Ok I have rampled a little much and may have over stated my point, so I am going to go to bed.

Good night theater kids and may you never run out of saftey cables.
I'm going to 'steal' that idea.

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