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Cool! Keeping up with my references to the James Moody book, that rig was shown in the Moody book.

I remember reading an article online about Bryan Hartley (now working for TSO), who picked up LD responsibilities for KISS in 1994. He said that the big issue was getting the band to finally move over to automated lighting in conjunction with PAR washes instead of just PAR washes, because they'd held out on PARs for a long time. His website can be found here.


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well that was amusing to watch, glad the technology has grown since then though!
Hey that's pretty **** good.

Thanks for that.


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Simpler Times. Good video, very interesting.


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Wow, he seemed pretty into his work. Now I know I'll have "Stand by, spots 1 and 2 to go white, GO!" stuck in my head all day. Nice post. Nice to see evolution of technology.


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He is pretty into his work, he needs to know the songs inside and out and has to be able to read the band to feel any solos coming. Its a high stakes style of board oping but when you nail it there is nothing like it. Times are for sure changing, you wouldn't get away with being on a truss with out fall protection nowadays

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