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Does anyone know what the kliegel lighting control protocol is? My school is doing a joint production with another school and using their space, but their lighting is an OLD kliegel dimmers patchbay and console. We just got an ETC Express at my school and I want to try and find or make or have made a converter (thinking DMXTools) so I can shave off precious time by working alot at home or my school. Any info would be great, I don't know much as I've only even been in the space once, and dont have particulars, though I'll try and find some pics or something.
Hi Ryan,

How "old" is old? Let me have a model number and I'll get you the answer. Bobby Kliegel is a friend of mine.
Wow talk about connections! Unfortunately, I won't be able to get into the space and see the board for quite some time, however, if there were some pics I could go off of I could. I'd say its from the seventies, probably 71. The dimmers are modular and built into the wall, and the light board is attached to the wall in the booth and has like a key slot and knobs and levers from what I can remember.
I'm guessing they're analog 0-10vdc, but don't quote me on that. I don't ever remember Kliegel being big on dimming or control or ever having their own protocol for it.
Analog would also be my first guess due to the age of the system.

Can you see the control cable? The type of connector and or number of conductors will certainly help in determining the answer.
That's the problem- I can't see anything there beacuse I don't have access yet.
I had to troubleshoot one of those old kliegel boards once. At that age, it's definitely analog.

If i remember right, Kliegel used some weird control voltage, like 0-18V, 0-36V or 0-48V or something like that.

Good luck!
He might have been talking about calling the school and asking the model number. At least thats what I thought.

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