Kliegl Boards


Today, I was cleaning out some closets in our theatre, and uncovered our two old lighting boards. I found our Kliegl Entertainer and Kliegl Performer (circa 1983). Does anybody else still have their old boards around. If so, what?
Kliegl Performer... now that brings me back a few years to the first college experience with a computer light board. Was it really 1983? Somehow it just seemed so much more modern than say the Lite Pallet III I had in high school in at least being portable.

Save them, exhibit them but keep them safe from abuse. Could as a theater also perhaps E-bay them for a minimum profit or a good home.

Perhaps if they still operate, one might use them for the novelty sense of it for a show. The basics should be the same given it talks the same language as your dimmers or could be conveted to.

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