Kliegl Shop 22 Lighting Source


:D Just posting a message to see if anyone has a need for Kliegl Shop 22 Lighting, We have about 20 or 30 Different variations of these lights, I purchased them from an Auction and using about 7 of these but the rest are taking up space and hoping I could help out others that may have a need.
Can you describe the fixtures you offer to this good home better?

While I’m not as much value as others on the forum in owning that first Leko, I in searching the Kliegl website did not find such fixtures listed. What you call them is not the industry standard it would seem. Perhaps you should talk to DVS Dave in offering them as prizes for the coming year. I will take them as will I’m sure Mr. Joe Klieglbrothers that posted about his website in preserving the name, earlier in the year. What ever type of fixture they are, they are of if nothing else but “my first light value” if not antique value of use. “My horse for another leko use.”

Glad you post them as giving them to a good home as opposed to scrap aluminum weight. What type of light are they? I can not figure out what type of light they are beyond the Kliegl brand.
Can you believe that I have actually seen scrap metals pickum up trucks pass by the window of the theater I worked at in being on the way to the melting pot, and in me not having time to save the antique from the scrap/melting bin? That’s an image that will live with me forever. Such antique lights being melted down for their aluminum content. Kids out there, the Kliegl line is history in the making. You want at least one fixture for your home if not all of them for a noble source of only having a few lights of any value. Such lights will just as they had 20 or 30 years ago light the stage, just not as efficiently. There should be a hundred of volunteers offering a home! I’m Not snatching them up due to the fact I already own some fixtures of stage lighting. What do you own? What can you educate your self from much less own the bragging rights to?

If you don’t find a home, I’ll take and perhaps even buy and ship them. But before that in stress, the kids out there had at best snatch up this offer!

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