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Klien Tool Membership

Discussion in 'News' started by ship, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. ship

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    As with most tool companies such as DeWalt or Milwaukee for instance, Klien Tools also has a membership that lets them announce new gear, and or give away stuff. Also at a possibly discounted price purchase tools direct from the website.

    Klien in post card I got today just appairently re-did their Klien Tradesman Club and old memberships/passwords and elegibility for free gear/giveaways are no longer valid. Time to sign up again.

    Go to and re-do your membership. Never know, might get that $1K worth of tools or at least a shirt in free give away. This as with other tool company give aways such as memberships that could also result in free toys.
  2. avkid

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    Leviton also has a professional program.
    I got a sweet pair of linesman's pliers for free as part of a contest and a really nice microfleece jacket from their online store for about $25.

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