yo. whats up guys (and girls XD)? i'm a technical theatre major at a high school for the visual and peroming arts. i'm also a sophomore. at my school i'm basically the best tech student of the entire school. it's kinda sad that a sophmore can surpass a senior and match skills with a tech theatre college graduate. anyways... hehe... i'm not trying to brag. it's only the truth. but yeah... i'm a geek and a pasty-skinned theatre nerd who never sees the light of day. it's fun. as a techie we live in the shadows and sleep on the catwalks. i <3 Japan and anything with dragons. i read manga and can quote Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in japanese. yes, i know i have no life. i'm 16 and still play pokemon red, yellow, silver, crystal, leaf green, sapphire, ruby and i anxiously await pokemon diamond and pearl. i also sew almost anything and can make something from nothing (for the most part...). last year my tech teacher was only at my school as a temporary teacher for that year. he was an ass. because of him being lazy (and alittle occupied with a class of 13 other students) i had to teach myself how to use and program a tempermental Hog 1000 Lx board That hates all human kind. thankfully towards the end of that year we got another board which is a ColorTran. that's me fo you all. oh and by the way i am a Trekkie and a Techie.

'Live long and prosper'


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Welcome aboard, Look forward to hearing your questions.
thanks. i'm sure i will have a few questions. i look forward to the board and having contact with techies outside my school and performing arts center and conservatory.;)


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Welcome aboard Techiegeek. There are a lot of good people around here with tons of information. Try a search on a topic that interests you, I'm always amazed at what I find.


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Welcome TechieGeek.

Working in a High School, I know what is like for those students that are more advanced than the majority of the class. I have to try to bring the entire class up to a certain point to get events to run at an acceptable level. That means that some people are going to be bored. But for a number of reasons, including safety, that is just a fact of life. Until you get to the upper level courses.

Keep learning - that is vitally important. Never feel that you know too much to do something you feel is beneath you. If you decide that this technical theater thing is what you want to do as a means of supporting yourself, you are going to need to do lots of different jobs.

Ask questions of us. Give answers. It is all good!


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