Lamp for a strobe light


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We have this strobe light and i cant find a lamp for it. its a Superstrobe SSII(might be Superstage strobe or soemthing like that not positive). if tried finding the instrument but no lucky. it also needs a new fuse holder which i can get but im waiting to get the lamp first, any help would be great.

The American DJ Superstrobe using a ZB-200 lamp as offered by American DJ or Lamp Light USA - their offshoot directly. This given it's the American DJ or their Elation offshoot product and not something by another brand. Confirm the maker of the fixture and the fixture and just ask your supplier. If they don't know, I as another supplier probably would right off have the info or could check into it. Such things are part of what I get paid to know. As most theater supply companies much less guitar/DJ companies have accounts with American DJ or even most lamp providers will have some means of converting the ADJ fixture to it's lamp, I don't expect a replacement lamp will be a problem.

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