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Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by highschooltech, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. highschooltech

    highschooltech Active Member

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    Orange, CA
    Does anyone know the difference between a FLE 360w lamp and a ENX 360w lamp. I have done some research and they apear to be the exact same. The reason that i need to know is that i can get the ENX much cheaper than the FLE which is important cause i'm working on a show with two lycian super club spots (which are terrible lights). I need to be able to buy the lamps cheap because i have very little budget and the both lamps only have a 75 hour rating.
  2. Sony

    Sony Active Member

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    Freelance Electrician/Rigger
    From a quick Google search, I've found what seems to be the main difference.

    FLE's output about 1250 Lumens while the ENX only Outputs 460 Lumens. They both are the same size and use the same base so they are interchangable. The only difference is the FLE is more then twice as bright as the ENX.
  3. church

    church Active Member

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  4. icewolf08

    icewolf08 CBMod CB Mods

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    Controls Technician - TAIT Towers
    Lititz, PA
    Just because lamps are the same size and same base doesn't mean that they are interchangeable. A lamp like the EZK is the same size and has the same base as the ENX and FLE but takes a different voltage, so you wouldn't want to use it!

    The lamp data on bulb connection supports what [user]Sony[/user] said, though they are missing a lot of information about both lamps. The ENX has a lower output (according to the charts). However, both lamps are listed as suitable replacements for the Clubspot. I would just consider that the FLE is only about $12.50, and compared to the $6.50 price tag for the ENX, sure you can buy two for the price of one, but is it worth sacrificing output?
  5. ship

    ship Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    Both have the same type of reflectors available dependant on brand, same wattage/voltage, same filaments for the most part, and for all intensive purposes same lamp life and color temperature.

    Luminous output is not listed as much but it seems to be in the 1,250 range for the FLE and 540 range for the ENX. There is /5 and even a /7 version of the ENX available, though they get the extended lamp life by way of raising the voltage which will extend the lamp life but also lower color temperature and luminous output further.

    One thing you don't see much by glossing over the specifications is very important in difference between the two lamps.

    First burn position. The ENX is base down to horizontal burn position. This means any elevation over horizontal and even if normal horizontal burn position will cause the filament to sag most likely and in the end cause premature lamp failure. Most other than Ushio FLE lamps are any burn position.

    More important than this is the focal length / working distance of the lamp in focus. Just as there is a difference between a MFL and NSP lamp in various PAR, R and MR lamps, there is also this detail with this type of lamp. Not normally listed but in focusing the lamp thru the lenses you need to be able to bench focus it.

    The working distance of a FLE lamp is 209.6mm where at that point the beam crosses over itself. The working distances for a ENX is right about 299mm.

    That's +3.5" of difference between the lamps in focus length and I doubt you can make that up with bench focus. Nor given the cheaper lamp needs +3.5" taken away from it instead of added to it which you might be able to do, you cannot just jack up the lamp socket to get it back to focus.

    Yes, the other lamp will work but you won't be able to bench focus your fixture.

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