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Last weekend I was doing a show with LaMafia in Beaumont for Cinco De Myao. First all the local rental house has as far as Soco is 200ft runs. I needed 150's and 100's. So I go pick those up and drive to beaumont at 5 am. Next thing was the trailer with 1/2 of the lighting rig and the truss bolts showed up about 1 1/2 late. So we had about 8 union hands sitting around. Trailer shows up we get everything setup and unloaded. I get dimmer beach and the moving light PD all wired up, connect the cams and all the soco. I go to throw the main on the disconnect POP Blue flash comes from under dimmer rack. Oh great.... now what (I had installed a brand new dimmer module in it a few days before and did not test it) I did have two people check over all the connections. I checked everything with meter to make sure nothing was grounding out or shorting. Everything was fine :confused: So what else to do besides throw the disconnect back on. Dimmer rack powers up fine. So I move on. One dead lamp in the DS truss. 3 brand new lamps out of the box later i find one that works. So we get the rig up and 1st set rolls around. Half way through the first set with the opening band i lose every one of my movers on the upstage truss except for the first one. Mac 600's decide to point down and start strobing. So i make sure its not the console, everythings fine with it. So i force all 0's down the DMX line to clear everything. Nope doesnt work, slow song and i have mac 600's strobing green. So as soon as the first band is done we bring down the upstage truss. Find that its a bad data cable between my first light (mac 600) and cyber. Replace it everything fires back up. Rest of the show goes well. After the show i go to pull the tape off of the rollacue on our avo and it decides to quit locking into each cue and spin freely. So that was our exciting night. Somehow amongst all the problems we managed to pull the show off pretty well.

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