latex gloves to change lamps with?


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Hey, i am about to change the lamp in a 1500 watt altspot. mogul base. in removing it, i could not do so without touching the lamp. I could not get a good grip on the base to twist the lamp without touching the glass itself. What about wearing latex gloves? will this work? (like, will there be anything left on the glass from using latex gloves that will hurt the lamp? actually, the only gloves i have are "nylex" )
If by latex gloves you mean those thin hospital surgical gloves, then I woul advise against it. I could be wrong, but they'd probably melt if the bulb is hot. If the lamp's not hot, then check if they are the kind that come powdered with baby powder on the insides and outsides. Most are, so I'd wonder about getting that powder on a bulb.
this is for installing new lamps, not removing old ones, and they will be nice and room temperature. no problem there. the gloves i hve right now for biology are not actually latex, they are like nylex or something, they are not powdery. this is only to gaurd against leaving oils on the lamp...

anyone else done this before? how else do you change followspot lamps?? i see no way to do this unless the lamp is covered by a latex glove :) the lamp or my hand...if this won't work, what is your advice?
I would not palm the lamp but I tend to leave it in the plastic to try and avoid as much contact with the lamp as possible and just wipe it with some alcohol afterwards.
i just use the leather gloves for the flies to change lamps. our older lamps came with foam pads and we saved some becuase the new ones dont have any. maybe you could put a plastic baggy over it and use other gloves?
yeah, as in the work gloves we use for the ropes on the fly-system.
i wouldnt use my gloves that i use for the flies for lamps, i dont know about yours, but mine are a mess, they are covered in dirt and some paint and all kindsa nasty stuff i have picked up over time.
ours are pretty new, not dirty at all. thats all we use them for.
oh...see, i have never seen a real live fly system, much less worn gloves to run one! :) i think i'll just go with latex for tomorrow, but sometime i do watn to getsome cheap gloves for focusing with hot lamps....
yeah thats the other thing i use them for, im going to buy a good pair soon for myself. maybe when we get our new system well get more.

today i cleaned 10 lamps that were touched with some alchol. you may want to keep some one hand just incase.
Alright, I was a bit confused there for a second. I think the latex gloves would be fine. You might just want to go to a hardware store, they usually have some pretty good gloves with leather palms. My school has several pairs like that lying around in the grid. They're goos for focusing and also just general work.
its not like my gloves have been exposed to anything horrible, i have another pair i use for outdoor work, but the wiehts on our flies are old and dirty as are the ropes and the battens and the cats and jsut about everything else, i also use them for hot lights, great things to have around and not that expensive.

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