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Lawsuits a foot

Discussion in 'News' started by Hughesie, Sep 5, 2008.

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    Article found on CX Magazine Website

    Juliusmedia - Hills alive with the sound of lawsuits

    "In Sydney Hills Concert Productions has morphed into HCP Events, apparently to avoid a court judgement. It's a story about money, and how one day a sound, lighting and staging company with a nice new Kenworth Truck can disappear, and then reappear the next without accounting for a small court debt. Such is the nature of the law in Australia that to write this article invites legal scrutiny from the person/s thus affected. CX submit the following article anyway.

    Sydney based production company Hills Concert Production Pty Ltd has lost a legal action alleging non payment for transport supplied by Australian Touring Services Pty Ltd. ATS claim that they transported equipment to Townsville for Hills Concert Productions for a JJJ concert, and were not paid. They obtained a court judgement $18,225.43 after Hills frontperson Padget Blackburn failed to attend court. In previous matters he had cross claimed against ATS and made representations alleging disputes which were not fully heard by the court.

    Following judgement, court sherrifs attempted to recover goods from the premises where Hills Concert Productions had been listed as trading. They reported back to lawyers for ATS that they had been told that Hills Concert Productions has no assets. The entity appears to be trading as HCP Events, from the same premises, with a similar website.

    Across town, Hoisting Equipment Services are similarly lined up in court against Hills Concert Productions. They allege they are owed in excess of $8,500 for matters relating to LodeStar Chain Motors. Hills dispute this, and have until Friday this week to appear in court with proof of defence.

    In September 2007, CX ran a story headed 'Day Rate Pay Dispute', where a crew member claims he was paid $150 for 'day rate' on a Hills Concert Productions show - after working 9am until 3am."

    Article found on CX Magazine Website
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