LE 4 ch Striplight lamps


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So I have 6 LE (Lighting Electronics) 4 ch strip lights. Their old, and I'd love some PUNCHY LED strips, but i'm not unhappy with these units. As they actually do a great job for the distance they have to work with from our cyc. I have 3 units top, and 3 that sit bottom. The bottoms units get moved frequently the top units are fixed and work great.

Two problems i'm starting to come across however.

I'm starting to notice some "unevenness" in the quality of light between between each unit and with-in each color of each unite. We run 4 color glass toundel's Red, Green, Blue, White (Clear) all that have the built in disfuser ribs.

I've always try to replace them with 120w Spot Par 38's (and i personally liked the GE ones). I've started to have a much harder tracking them down. I can step up to 150W and still be well with in my dimmer capacity, but I've only found 150w "Floods" through the school supplier "Grainger"

and Second.
Do Roundels get old and faded? would mismatched lamps fade some more then others or make small inconsistency more noticeable?. A number of my blues and greens are looking like gels that are starting to burn through with the color changing and loosing it 's deepness.

Are there lamp replacements for these that you all might recommend of the mix-match of lamp manufactures currently in use in the fixture.


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